Tanning Bed Lotion – What’s The Most Important Constituent In It?

Tanning Bed Lotion – What’s The Most Important
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After reading so much about dangerous effects of natural tan and sun burn – people now choose fake tanners and sunless tanners for the tan complexion. Well, generally speaking – no tanning method is safe enough but specifically speaking – tanning lotions are better choice among all tanning methods.

You can achieve best tanning result artificially by any of following method

  • Bronzers (dyes)
  • Sun beds and sun lamps
  • Dihydroxyacetone
  • Melanin

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What you must choose!

If you want to have a tan complexion with least health risks – you must select those products which contain Dihydroxyacetone.  We are in support of this statement – though tanning products are not so much highly appreciated by FDA ,the only product that is approved is Dihydroxyacetone .

DHA – should you use it?

If you want to get rid from pale complexion and want an excellent tanning effect you must go for DHA. Moreover, you can use this when

  • If you have skin allergy
  • If you have issues regarding photosensitivity
  • If you want to avoid tanning pills and sprays
  • If you want to avoid health risks
  • If you want to avoid skin irregularities

DHA – how does it work!

When you apply DHA on your skin – there occur a chemical reaction – between your dead cells and DHA, so give you a tan result. So, we can say – there is no harm to your skin – because reaction takes place in dead epidermis, which disappears within a month.

DHA formulation – what does it contain?

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  • DHA acts as a moisturizer
  • It acts as a dehydrating agent
  • It has some anti – oxidant properties too
  • DHA is best for your dry – skin
  • DHA containing alcohol is best for your oily skin
  • The outdoor lotion DHA contains sun – screen effect
  • DHA gives you even skin tone
  • You may add other accelerators for long – lasting effect of tan, without sun – burn

How to get best outcome of tanning effect by DHA!

If you want to get best result of tanning – you must apply DHA properly. You can follow following steps to have best results:

  • First of all clean that area where you want to apply Dihydroxyacetone
  • If you have used a detergent or soap on your skin, clear it with acidic toner.
  • Giving extra attention to the bony areas, apply some lotion and moisturize the area.
  • To avoid un even tone to your skin – apply the DHA in single layer throughout the area
  • Always use gloves before applying the tanning agent. Use rough clothes while application of DHA. Wait for 30 minutes and remove those clothes after
  • Don’t take bath or swim for at least one hour after application of tanner
  • Reapply after a day or two to have best tone

Tanning effect – how longer it can stay

Depends on no. of application of tanning agent – you can get desired effect. Usually tanning effect lasts for a week or two. But you can retain the same color tone – when you apply after a day or two.

Precisely speaking – artificial tanning is much better than the direct sun exposure!

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